Dominant Chords – 9

Dominant 9 Chord

The dom 9 chord is simply the dom 7 chord with the 9th note added.

The 9th note is an octave higher than the 2nd note (2 + 7 = 9).

Let’s use the C dom chord to show this:

C7 (dom 7)

C9 (dom 9)

Dom 9 Chord Formula:

The dom 9 chord formula is 1-3-5-b7-9 (i.e. the Root, 3rd5th, b7th and 9th notes).

Important note: 

For guitarists especially; extended chords can be more difficult to play as you only have a finite number of fingers and options to position them on the fretboard.

IWe recommend that you play dom 9 chords in root position only

(i.e. the root note being the lowest note in the chord).

You can use MusicWheels™ to discover all the other dominant 9 chords and their notes.

Guitar Diagrams

Dominant 9 Chords - CAGED - Across the Fretboard

The diagrams below show the generic CAGED shapes for dominant 9 chords.

The blue note is the root note of the chord, for example:

– if you wish to play the A9 (dom9) chord then the blue root note will be the note of A

– if you wish to play the D9 (dom9) chord then the blue root note will be the note of D and so on.

Keyboard Diagrams